KB Kessler is a DC metro-based mixed media artist with a focus on minimalist, abstract paintings and drawings. Kessler is a self-taught artist who enjoys pushing the envelope and exploring both figurative and still life subjects and a variety of themes.

Kessler graduated from Georgia College & State University with a degree in Mass Communications. A lifelong art-lover, KB grew up creating pieces that were proudly displayed on the family fridge and had work published on packaging for children's educational materials by the age of five. KB's passion for creating visual art was rediscovered after trips to Florence, Italy and Spain, after which Kessler began selling work through social media. 

To inquire about existing pieces posted under the "Collections" tab or about commissioned work, please click on the "Shop" link on the main menu or connect with KB directly at KBKesslerArt@gmail.com. Prints will be available for purchase on KBKessler.com soon.